Happy Thanks Giving-Sexy NFL Jersey Girls

I hope everyone enjoys Turkey day as you know in America all they do is sit on the couch and watch NFL so I thought this post would be absolutley perfect for today.

Most of the time, when we’re talking about Jersey girls, we’re probably talking about the obnoxious bridge-and-tunnel bimbos that invade our city ever Thursday-Sunday morning. But not this time! No, this time we’re bringing in a whole new breed: hot girls wearing NFL jerseys! OK, so there’s a good chance the the majority of these girls are actually from New Jersey, but we’ll just let that one slide (for now).


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One response to “Happy Thanks Giving-Sexy NFL Jersey Girls

  1. bob

    Jersey girls are a lot better looking and sexier than NY girls, and they don’t go to NYC because it’s a big shithole! A Jersey girl would laugh at you if you asked her out. Actually, it’s NY girls who are always going to the Jersey shore and acting like douche bags, but that’s ok because we take their money and then laugh at them, and they make our girls look even better!

    If you’re looking to get some head (re: your title), the only way that you’d get it would be with a prostitute, and even then you should bring a magnifying glass.
    BTW– the Giants and Jets are NEW JERSEY teams, they moved from NY because NY sucks, and get ready when the 2014 Super Bowl comes to the place where football was born–NJ!

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